Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Sight for Sore Eyes

My suspicions were true. Maria needs glasses.

I feel like all we ever do is scream at her to scoot back from the TV. One day she looked at me and said "But I can't see!"

That was a "DUH!" moment for me. I guess I just didn't see any other signs so I never thought to get her eyes checked before. Within the last month, I've had 2 people tell me they noticed she was squinting while looking at them. So, it started adding up.

We took her to a pediatric opthamologist yesterday. That was an interesting experience. Maria actually did a great job, so great there was no need to dilate her eyes (Praise God!) The doctor said her prescription was pretty low, and she may only need them to see things far away, for now. But he also held lenses over my eyes to show me how she sees. If I had vision like that, it would drive me crazy. Everything 8-10 feet away was very blurry. I could still make out the characters on the TV (it was Veggie Tales) but how annoying it would be to have to see like that all the time. However, seeing things up close was not a problem. So it seems she is near-sighted, just like her daddy!

Sadly, the doctor predicted that she will probably need to wear glasses all the time by the time she enters kindergarten. I know there are worse things in the world, but I am a little bummed for her.

After the appointment, we headed down to the optical shop to pick out Maria's glasses. Gerry met us there and helped us decide. Maria had fun trying on all the different pairs. We finally came to a decision and this is the pair we all decided on:

Just Kidding!!!!

Of course we had to order them and it will take about a week to come in. Hopefully she will learn and understand that when she wears them, she can see better. And hopefully this will put an end to the constant battle over standing too clse to the TV!!!!!

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Rebecca said... got me! I was all ready for a cute little pair of glasses, but those??? Nah! I think kids are adorable with glasses...there have gotta be some books out there too that can get a kid ready for the newness of glasses. Good luck!

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