Thursday, January 12, 2012

December- Part 2

Nativity Walk

A good friend told us about a Nativity Walk that was being put on by a small church in the area so we decided to take the girls.  Our niece Olivia was spending the night with us so we thought it would be a fun activity to do with them.

After walking around to different rooms in the church and watching the story of Jesus' birth acted out, we were able to have some refreshments and the kids made some cute crafts.  They had different stations set up in their church where the kids could go from table to table and create something Christmas-y.  The first stop was a paper bag reindeer to hold all of their crafts.  They made an ornament, a Christmas card and a snowflake.  There was also a station for face painting, but the line was way too long so we decided to call it a night.  For a free and safe activity for the kids, it turned out great and the girls had a great time.

Eating cookies! (Naomi looks thrilled!)

Gerry's Birthday

Gerry's birthday has been falling on a day where Maria is already on Christmas break, so we have been making it a tradition to somehow find the time to spend it with him.  Last year we tricked him into thinking he was meeting some business associates for a lunch meeting, and we were at the restaurant instead.  This year, we couldn't really make it a surprise but we brought him and the rest of his office Subway sandwiches and cake, the girls each picked out a balloon, (Naomi's had to be a Cardinal balloon because she thought her daddy would love it.  Good thing they had a few Cards balloons left.), and we picked out a special gift to keep on his desk at work. 

The girls love going to their daddy's work.  Everyone there is so nice and they treat them so special when they come running in.  Maria goes immediately for the huge white board in Gerry's office and starts drawing and Naomi decided she loves wearing his "Call Center" headphones. I think she thinks she is a meteorologist with them on.  She points to his globe and does an entire weather report. It's hilarious!

This Willow Tree statue was his present. It's called "My Girls."  He saw it once and said he would love to have that for his desk at work! It's perfect!

Santa's Magical Kingdom

Later that evening, on Gerry's birthday, we drove out to Santa's Magical Kingdom.  This is also becoming a tradition for us as it was our 3rd year in a row! The first year we tried it, Naomi was a tiny baby in her infant seat and she slept through the whole thing. 

Each time, we bundle the girls up and they get to bring a big blanket in the car.  They get excited because they don't have to wear shoes (since we stay in the car the whole time.) Once we get there, I get the girls out of their car seats (I know...bad mom!) and let them sit on my lap with the window rolled all the way down. (It's hard to see out their tinted windows) We snuggle under the blankets and listen to Christmas music together.  This is one of my absolute favorite Christmas activities that we do.  I love to see their faces light up at all the silly scenes of Disney characters in lights, mischievous little elves, jumping reindeer, and a display of fireworks near the St. Louis arch.  They oooh and aaahhh over every little thing! It's very exciting!

As always, when we get home we have hot chocolate and cookies!

What a great end to a fabulous day! A birthday party with cake, Christmas lights, hot chocolate and cookies...what more could a kid ask for?

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Laura G said...

I love the picture of Gerry and Olivia, it is so cute! Also the willow statue in his office is so sweet! Looks like he had a great birthday!

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