Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

Okay, tonight's the night I will finally play along with Sippy Cups and Unexplained X2.

Friday Night Leftovers is a great way to get everything out that's left over from the week. It's also a great way to vent about a topic without dedicating an entire blog post to it.

- Maria hasn't napped in 2 days. I know she will be 3 in July, but I am NOT ready for her to stop napping! I will go crazy. I even took them to the park yesterday so they could get some fresh air and some much needed Vitamin D. Afterwards, she sat in her bed singing "Party in the USA" and Fresh Beat band songs for almost 2 hours. I hope she sleeps today!

- Is it wrong to yell at other people's kids? Today we went to open gym at the YMCA and I can't believe the lack of responsibility some mothers have when they bring their kids to something like this. The rule clearly states that kids participating need to be 6 and under. I know there were several kids there today that were not 6 or under. I get that your kids are probably on spring break...either pay $5 and take them to Monkey Joe's or get up off your butt and keep your kids under control. Along with Maria and Naomi, there were so many little bitty kids in danger of getting trampled on by these older and rougher big kids. I did yell at a few of them to wait their turn in line for the trampoline. I also told 2 boys to slow down. I swear some of the mom's don't even care that I'm yelling at their long as they don't have to do it. Drives me CRAZY!

- I am happy to announce that our hoosier neighbors down the street have finally put their Christmas decorations away! It wouldn't have bothered me quite as much, except they put huge white reindeer in their front yard in mid-November which soon toppled you think they picked them up? Nope. They stayed face down until after Christmas. The reindeer, along with mismatched lights and trashy garland strewn about the entire front yard, made for a definite eye sore. After Christmas, they went out of their way to pick up the reindeer and prop them against the front of the house. Nice. But they really crossed the line when they put up Easter decorations...and still had the reindeer leaning against their house. Are you kidding me? The pink bunnies and the white reindeer coexisted on their front yard until a few days ago when they decided it was time to put the reindeer away.

- What is up with American Idol this year? The guys seem much better than the girls, but over all, they suck! I was excited about Ellen but I am very disappointed this season.

- I love my husband dearly, but do you think he could change a poopy diaper using less than 50 wipes? I'm not kidding. Every time he changes poop (cloth diaper or not) he goes through half a pack of wipes. I think it's gotten worse since we've had a second child. And the noises he makes when he opens the'd think there was 6 day old road kill in there. Once, after he changed a poopy cloth diaper he actually said to me "If you just want to throw that whole diaper away instead of washing it out, I will totally understand." Throw it away? That cloth diaper costs $17.95 and you want me to throw it away? He never cleans out the cloth diapers. He bundles them up and sets them aside so I can do it later. How nice of him.

- I have a really hard time keeping track of Naomi's socks. She takes them off all the time and I can never find them. I am really excited because I found a product that actually keeps your kids socks on. They are called "Sock-Ons" They fit right over the top of your baby's socks. They come in a bunch of colors and designs. The good thing about them is they really do work. The bad thing is that Naomi screams in her car seat because she is so desperately trying to pull them off and she can't.

- Maria actually introduced herself to the horses at the park yesterday. If that wasn't funny enough, she introduced Naomi and me as well. "Hi. I"m Maria. This is Naomi and this is Mommy." I about died laughing.

- Update on the nap situation: as I am typing this, Maria is sound asleep. However, Naomi is wide awake. So much for me getting a nap today!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Rebecca said...

Yay for playing along!!!

Boo for no naps.

As a former teacher (when I had a "real job"), I yell at other people's kids all the time. If they have a problem, you'll know it. You have to protect your kids and there are sooo many irresponsible parents out there!

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Great posts! I felt like I was reading something that I forgot I wrote and nodding like, "Yeah!" The whole time:)

Hope you enjoyed the Leftovers!

Danifred said...

Horray for playing with us at Leftovers!

My Tot is almost 4 and is still taking naps. I'm hoping she doesn't drop them until she starts kindergarten. Hopefully this is just a phase for you guys.

I totally yell at other people's kids. It's not my fault that they deserve it.

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