Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

                     Do I even need to point out the table??? Hmmmm!

I feel the need to explain a little on this one.  We do not have a fenced in backyard so we put the Devon, our dog, out on a tether when she has to go potty. (Hoosier, I know!) Anyway, she was laying on the porch for about an hour when I noticed something.  Can you see it?  The other end of the tether isn't connected.  Good to know she isn't going anywhere!

The scary thing is, I know I reconnected it yesterday after Gerry mowed the lawn.  He didn't unhook it which means someone actually walked up and unhooked it...why?  Just to be mean?  A cruel joke?  Sure she stayed on the porch during this time, but what I wonder what would've happened if she would have seen a cat or another animal?  She would've gone after it and possibly gotten hit by a car.  Now I make sure to check it every time!!!!

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