Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Little of This...A Little of That

Time is sure flying fast around here! Gerry and I have begun discussing the plans for not one, but TWO birthday parties. It's hard to believe Naomi will be 1 in May and Maria will be 3 in July.

Maria recently started swimming lessons. Actually she began taking them at the beginning of February, but I wasn't happy with the program at all. So, we decided to pull her out and and start her at the YMCA. Coincidentally, we decided to join the Y as a family. Gerry and I decided we needed to get healthy and I have a little over a year to get in shape for Karen's wedding. The child care program at the Y is pretty good and they have open gymnastics a few days a week for kids under 5. Yesterday, Maria, Naomi and I went up there to use the facilities for the first time. I dropped them off at the child care and worked out. (I ran 2 miles and I am paying for it today!!!) The kids did great. Then I picked them up and we did the open gym for an hour. Maria loves it because she can run around like crazy! They have a big trampoline, bars to swing on, balance beams, slides and yesterday they even had an inflatable bouncy house for the kids to play on. Naomi had fun just crawling around and pulling herself up on things! The whole morning took about 3 hours and the kids were so exhausted, I actually had to wake them up from their naps!!!

Gerry has been working long hours lately. I have been trying really hard to just get through the day by keeping the kids fed and clean. Sometimes, that's all I can do. I am hoping the warmer weather will get us out of the house a little more. Maria and I are getting excited about planting flowers in the front of the house. She said she wants to do red and yellow flowers. I've always been a pink and purple kind of girl, but we'll try it.

So, Naomi is officially crawling, but I haven't been able to get a video of it. She will get up on all fours and crawl for about 5 feet, then she gets back down on her belly and army crawls. I think she can move faster that way, so that is her preferred mode of transportation. I think she has been working on her top teeth for the past week or so. Sometimes she gets really crabby and frustrated. She's also been waking up at weird hours again. I've resorted to the Tylenol and Ora-Gel. That seems to be working. Her top gum is so swollen and bumpy, I feel terrible for her.

One day last week, I walked in the living room to find this:

It was the first time She had pulled herself up without anyone's help. She was so proud, but she couldn't quite figure out how to get down!

We have been pumping Maria up to wear her glasses. We talk every day about everyone we know who wears glasses. She knows she will be getting some and that they are pink. We're trying to make it exciting for her, not sure if it's working. I am trying to find some kid's books that might help her understand. If you know of any suggestions, let me know!

So, my brother's been harassing me to just post some pictures of the girls. So, Jeff! These are for you!

Playing together in Maria's "Tunnel"!

They are both looking...and smiling! Too bad Maria's hair is in her face!

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