Thursday, February 25, 2010

Adventures In Potty Training: Success! (well, sort of)

I didn't think I'd have anything exciting to post about potty training this soon. However, yesterday proved to be a very interesting day for all of us in this journey!

Tuesday night, we put Maria to bed around 8:30. She was still awake at 9:15, so I went to tuck her back in and I changed her diaper while I was in there.

Fast forward 10 hours...Maria woke up around 7:00 am. We did our usual routine...a cup of milk on the couch while we watch the Today show and wait for Naomi to wake up. About 20 minutes later, I went to change her diaper and realized she was totally dry! Seriously??? This kid went the entire night without peeing once? This coming from a child who very frequently has woken up screaming "Mom! I'm wet!"?????

So I calmly take her to the bathroom and explain that she did a great job keeping her diaper dry! The whole time I'm thinking "Sweet! This is the perfect time for her to sit on the potty. I know she has to go. I'm sure she'll go right away."

Once again...I was wrong!

She sat on the big toilet.

Then we moved to her little potty chair.

We read tons of books. (several potty books included!)

Turned on the faucet.

By this time it had been 20 minutes and she STILL hadn't gone. So I moved her little potty chair into the living room and let her watch TV. By this time Naomi had woken up so I needed to keep an eye on her, and I thought watching TV would get Maria's mind off of it and she would just go! After sitting there for a while, I had her get up and jump up and around the living room a few times just to move around. I even gave her another HUGE cup of water/juice.

By this time it had been almost an hour. Are you kidding me? Eleven hours without peeing? Even I can't do that! Is her bladder working properly? Why isn't she going?

Maria decided she would move back into the bathroom and try to sit on the big toilet once again. Just as I was about to give up, I heard her yell "Mommy I peed in the potty!" I ran in to see and sure enough! It had been almost one hour and she finally went! I looked in the toilet and she said "See! It's yellow" I had to start laughing at that point!

So we celebrated and cheered and talked about what a big girl she was. I know it was only one time and we have a long way to go...but for now I am just excited that she had the experience of actually going on the potty.

Our victory was short lived, however. As soon as she got done eating breakfast, she cheerfully told me that she peed! Too bad she was sitting in her chair at the kitchen table. Of course she had a cloth diaper on so it was no surprise that she leaked all the way through her pants!

Oh well! We'll just keep trying!!!

Update: Maria asked several time to sit on the potty yesterday and has sat a few times already today! I am excited that she is so willing to try. I know we'll get there :)

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Bobb, Laura, and Olivia G said...

Good job Maria! You are getting to be such a big girl. Maybe Olivia and Maria can be potty buddies during this process!

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