Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween was awesome this year! We had a terrific time at Bobb and Laura's house! The evening started out pretty low key. When we first arrived, a real witch answered the door!!! Laura decided to go all out with her costume. She even sprayed her hair purple and crimped it! She also had some pretty cool purple and black tights!

We just hung out for a while, ate snacks and listened to Halloween songs on the radio. Maria and Olivia played and opened their little gift bags from their Grandma G. Then we ate dinner - chili WITH MEAT! Who would've thought? As we were finishing up dinner, the trick-or-treaters started ringing the door bell. We knew it was time to get the girl's costumes on and get going. Olivia looked so cute as a little lady bug. She completed the insect trio since Maria was a bee and Naomi was a butterfly. Gerry and I are still talking about what a great job Maria did. She was a champ. She stayed right by us while walking from house to house. She walked to each house with confidence and shouted "Trick-or-Treak" as they answered the door. She wasn't shy or scared at all. She loved it.

Naomi had a great time, too. She stayed awake long enough to get her costume on and get in her stroller. We covered her up with a blanket and she fell fast asleep. Yes, she slept the entire time until we got back to Bobb and Laura's! I think the fresh air just knocked her out.

Bobb and Laura's neighborhood was flooded with kids trick or treating. It was a great night and I hope next year is just as fun!

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