Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Congratulations, Maria! We are so proud of you! Maria has officially graduated from her speech therapy class. She has been getting speech therapy since the beginning of June and she was re-evaluated at the beginning of November. Her results were better than we expected!

Keep in mind that Maria's current age is 2 years 4 months.

Her Expressive Communication (what she expresses) is that of a 2 year 8 month old.

Her Auditory Comprehension (what she understands) is that of a 3 year 3 month old.

Her Total Language Score is that of a 2 year 10 month old.

This means she is performing above age level in all areas. We are ecstatic with her progress and we owe so much to her wonderful, skilled, patient and caring therapists - Kristin, Jessie, Michelle and Kelli at PS Kids!!! I can't put in to words how grateful I am for all of their hard work. It has meant so much to us. On top of everything they did for Maria's language development, Maria absolutely loved all of them. I am sad for her that she won't be seeing them every week.

That's why I titled this post "Bittersweet". Of course we are so happy that she doesn't need speech therapy anymore. We are thrilled that we don't have to pay the co-pay every week. But we are sad that she will miss her therapists and her friends so much. She talked about them constantly.

We celebrated her last day by bringing Mrs. Fields cookies for snack time. Maria drew a special picture on a card for each therapist. They gave Maria a special T-shirt for her last day, which she loves.

I've included some pictures of Maria on her last day with the people she has spent every Wednesday morning with for the past 5 months. Of course, Maria wouldn't ever look at the camera...go figure!

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