Saturday, October 31, 2009

Harvest Party

On Sunday, Maria's pre-school held a harvest party for the students and their families. Despite signs of rain, we decided to pack up the kids and go anyway. Of course, it started raining the minute we got out of the car. We tried to ignore it and have fun anyway! The girls wore their costumes (Maria was a Bumble Bee and Naomi was a butterfly), Gerry wore his 70's wig, and I wore my cat ears.

The festivities were held outside on the parking lot. They had a petting zoo, which Maria LOVED, Trunk-or-Treat, a bouncy house, a giant slide,pony rides, face painting, a photo booth and lots of food! At first, I didn't know how Maria was going to react to the animals at the petting zoo. But, to my surprise, she was very kind to them. She giggled when the sheep and goats ate food out of a cup. She wanted the ducks to come and eat the food, too, but they weren't at social as the other animals. There was also a llama and an alpaca there too!

After going through the Trunk-or-Treat, we decided to go in and get some food. We stopped by the photo booth to get a family picture and then ate dinner. The food was good and the girls were holding up. Naomi was getting a little hot in her costume, but when we went back outside she was okay. Bobb, Laura and Olivia came up for a little while. Olivia did the Trunk-or-Treat while Gerry chased Maria up and down the parking lot. Luckily, she only wiped out twice. Then, the girls decided to do the pony rides. They both seemed to love it!

Unfortunately, it started raining a little harder so we decided to leave. We were happy that Bobb, Laura and Olivia could join us, even if was only for a little while.

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