Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Celebrating Easter in 2009!

We kicked off our Easter celebration this year by going to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast on Good Friday morning. Gerry was off work so we wanted to do something fun together. The guy was framing our basement so we thought it would be a good opportunity to get out for a while. After breakfast, we headed over to Home Depot to pick out our flooring for the basement.

Saturday evening, we had Gerry's family over for dinner. Bobb, Laura, Olivia, Karen, John, Grandma and Pa Pa all came over. We ate dollar roll ham sandwiches, party pizzas, Gus' pretzels, taco dip, veggie tray, and Laura made a cute bunny cake. Maria and Olivia opened their Easter baskets full of goodies. They both got swimming suits from Grandma and Pa Pa that were very cute. Maria also got a little family of bunny figurines and a coloring book.
Maria danced and jumped around and everyone had a good time.

Sunday we went to the 9:00 church service. Maria got all snazzied up in her pink Easter dress, white tights and little pink and white hair bow. She wasn't crazy about the tights, but she managed to forget about them eventually. She also did really well at Little Blessings, which is the name of the children's church they have. She really likes it now that they put her in with 2 year old instead of the little babies.

After church, we came home to discover the Easter Bunny had left a basket for Maria. She liked everything in it, but seemed to enjoy the playing with the Easter grass the most. After Maria and I took a nice long nap, we went over to my brother Jeff's house. Jeff and his wife Kelly have our side and her side of the family over every year for Easter. Maria got Easter baskets from my mom, my Uncle Marc and John, Jeff, Kelly and Hailey, Kelly's mom, and Kelly's sister Kristy. We were very thankful for all of the nice things she got including many cute outfits, hair clips, candy, toys, books, coloring books, and other fun stuff. Uncle Marc and John got her an Aqua Doodle, which is really cool.

Maria had a lot of fun playing with her cousin Hailey, and Hailey's cousins, Micah and Gavin. She slept very well Sunday night after a very fun weekend!

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