Sunday, April 26, 2009

Basement Progress

The two rooms we decided to finish in the basement are coming along...slowly but surely. Since they started construction on April 9th, they have completed the framing, heating and cooling, electric, inspections, insulation and as of Sunday April26th, the drywall has been hung. We have been told that someone is going to come out tomorrow to clean up the drywall mess and the mudding and taping will begin on Tuesday. They told us this process will probably take about 4 days. After that, we are hoping to have them come and paint, hang the doors and light fixtures, put the finishing touches on and lay the carpet and flooring. I am getting anxious and excited and we are still hoping it will be finished before May 8th, which is the potential scheduled C-Section date. Keep your fingers crossed. Here are a few pics of the basement before work began. I will post some new ones since the dry wall is up.

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