Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Celebrations 2010

Christmas has come and gone...already!  It was different this year with two little girls that both had a better understanding of what it all means.  The build up of Christmas time was fun and exciting.  Everything from putting up the lights and tree to wrapping presents and baking cookies all had a different meaning this year. It was for my was all for my kids!  And I loved it!  I just couldn't wait to see their faces as each day in December passed and we did something new for the season.  Some of my favorite memories from this year include:
  • Having the girls help us decorate the tree and laughing for the next 2 weeks because Naomi wouldn't keep any ornaments on.  Oh well...maybe next year.
  • Delivering banana bread and zucchini chocolate chip bread to some special people in our lives with Maria.  It was great seeing how much she loved to make other people smile.
  • Putting together the play kitchen that "Santa" brought for the girls with Gerry.  We listened to Christmas music, drank coffee and really enjoyed spending the time together.. we make a great team!
  • Taking the girls to Santa's Magical Kingdom to see all the lights. When we got there, I allowed both girls to sit in my lap in the front seat of the van. (I know...I'm a terrible mom, but the back windows are tinted which isn't conducive to viewing Christmas lights and getting the full affect).  I rolled down the window  so they could hear the music playing outside and covered us all with blankets.  The girls giggled and squealed as they pointed out their favorite characters and saw the flashing lights and displays.  Reindeer jumping overhead, elves all around us building was indeed magical!
To add to the magic, it started snowing Christmas Eve and didn't stop until the next day! When the big day was actually here, we had a wonderful time!  The girls were excited about their play kitchen as well as the MANY other presents they received from everyone.  It was a busy few days, but we all survived.  Both girls were amazing...especially without naps! Here is our Christmas recap in pictures!

Celebrating with our friend Erin on Christmas Eve Eve!

Naomi checking out the snow on Christmas Eve, waiting for Maria to wake up form her nap.

Getting ready to go to Great Grandma's House

 My favorite picture!
 Me and my girls!

Admiring the train at Great Grandma's house.

Santa makes an appearance every year!

Naomi opening her Sing-a-ma-jig!

Girls in their jammies!

Christmas morning...can it get any better than this?

Here's what Santa left!

Maria got her very own camera!

And Rapunzel, of course!

Naomi loved the kitchen!

After breakfast at Uncle Bobb and Aunt Laura's house! 

The chaos at my mom's house! Everyone is just buried in presents!
 Naomi loved the party toast.  This was her 6th piece!
 My mom and Maria opening something fun!

My brother and his power juicer!  I saw it in action the other night and I totally want one!

Naomi eating the toast in style!

Maria feeding Naomi's new baby.

As you can see, we had a wonderful Christmas. Gerry had the entire week off after so we spent a lot of time recovering, cleaning, re- grouping and just being together.  We took Maria to see her first movie, Tangled.  That was a success. We had an awesome New Year's dinner at my brother's house.  And Gerry and I enjoyed a night out. (thanks to Karen and John for babysitting!)

Gerry went back to work today and Maria goes back to school so everything is getting back to normal! Looking forward to a fantastic 2011!

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