Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow Day!

I promised Maria the next time it snows we will go out and play in it.

Well, the next time came.  And I (reluctantly) kept my promise!

I'm not a big fan of playing in the snow.  I bought Maria a snowsuit (the overall/pants portion of a snowsuit)on sale last year in hopes that she would be able to use it.  I never got around to getting her a coat or boots. 

And Naomi didn't have any snow gear so I was dreading the whole process.

But...I did it.  I layered the kids up (which took 45 minutes) and I was "that mom" who put bags on her kid's feet to keep them dry.  But for 25 minutes of fun, who cares what they look like, right? This was a lot of work to do by myself.

I am embarrassed to say that this was Maria's first time EVER playing in the snow.  (She will be 4 in July)
Maria loved it until her hands got wet.  Naomi fell on her face a few times and mostly just stood there looking around.  But overall it was fun.  I got a few good laughs and some cute pictures and they both enjoyed hot chocolate afterwards!


Danifred said...

It looks like they had a great time! My girls also love playing in the snow :)

erin said...

Cute post, Cara! Love those little snow angels!!

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