Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No Sound and other random thoughts

No Sound.  That's what I get when I turn on my television.  Everything works just fine except you can't hear anything.  Needless to say, I am bummed. After spending a few hours on the phone with the tech guy, we realized we couldn't fix the problem ourselves. We are a TV watching family around here so it's going to be a rough couple of days until the guy can get here to look at it on Saturday.  

On the bright side: The DVD player works and for some reason the sound works when we play movies.  And our TV downstairs works in case I really want to watch my shows.  I guess I can bundle up and make my way to the freezing basement to watch Parenthood and Days while Naomi is sleeping today.

Speaking of Saturday...Maria has swimming, Naomi has Little Gym and we are having my family over for dinner for 2 birthday celebrations so it's a great day to have a cable guy at my house working on the TV, huh?  He is scheduled to come between 12 and 4.  I bet anything he's going to show up at 4.  Just in time for dinner...yay!

Once again, Naomi is sick.  Ugh!  This poor kid can't catch a break!  It's mostly just a cold with a major runny nose and cough. No fever. But it's just enough to be really annoying and interfere with her sleep.  (which interferes with my sleep as well) Last month she had a stuffy nose for almost 2 weeks.  I find it odd that Maria is the one who goes to school 4 days a week and is around all the germs and other kids, yet Naomi is the one who gets sick.

Speaking of Maria's school...she hasn't been much lately because of this wonderful weather we've been having.  The district we're in cancels school when it starts to flurry so she's had a lot of days off lately. It's supposed to snow pretty bad here tomorrow so I'm hoping it can hold off until she's home from school.

Thanks for listening to me complain. 

I promise I'll have pictures next time!

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Danifred said...

Talk about timing- your Saturday will definitely be a busy one! I hope everyone is feeling well soon!

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