Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Wall: 2, Maria: 0

My little girly is going to look like she just lost a boxing match for Christmas!

Incident #1

This past Sunday, Maria was running around in the living room when she took a dive and smacked her face on the corner of the wall. Within seconds she had a bruise on her cheek. We felt so bad for her. Afraid that she may have even fractured her cheek bone, we called her doctor. He told us to look for asymmetry of her face, or make sure her cheek bone wasn't caved in or dented. Thankfully she didn't show any of these signs. The doctor also explained to us that even if it was fractured, there's not much anyone can do. She seemed to be okay after an hour or so. Of course, she wouldn't let us go anywhere near it with ice. Today, the bruise is fading, but it's still noticeable.

Incident #2

Today, Maria was, again, running around the living room. She threw a blanket over hear head, then tripped and landed right on the same corner. I had no idea what her face was going to look like when I lifted that blanket. Of course blood was running everywhere. Maria was screaming and spitting blood all over. It was so bad I couldn't even see her teeth. I had no idea where the blood was coming from, as she wouldn't let me wipe it. She was frantically running around the kitchen screaming her head off - blood pouring all over her and the floor. After I got her somewhat calmed down, I called Gerry and asked him to come home, assuming we were heading to the ER.

Maria was frightened at the sight of her own blood. Heck, I was frightened by it. But I knew I had to stay calm - for her.

Again, I made the call to the pediatrician, who said if she stops bleeding within the hour, and she didn't bust her lip all the way through to the outside (which she didn't...thank God!) than I just needed to keep an eye on it. He said there's not much they will do for cuts on the inside of a mouth.

Although I am relieved that she didn't need stitches on the inside of her mouth (could you imagine her in the ER fighting the doctor who was trying to numb that???) I feel terrible for her. The bruise and the busted lip are both on the right side of her face. She looks awful.

After some Tylenol and a large sippy cup of milk, Maria is napping soundly in her bed and Gerry is on his way back to work. On his way home, he is going to swing by Babies R Us to get some foam corner protectors. Next time, Maria might not be so lucky so we're taking every precaution!

Poor baby!

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