Monday, December 21, 2009

Cookie Mania

So, the Sunday after our wonderful date night, my brother and Kelly decided to have our family over to bake Christmas cookies. This worked out great for us because everything we needed was already at their house...including our kids. It was awesome to get to their house and hug Maria and to see little Omi smile! Jeff had already started on some of his cookies. Soon, my mom and Galen showed up and so did Marc and John.

The house smelled of cookies, pizza and Cinn-a-bun chapstick, which Maria decided to have for a snack. She found some in their guest room while she was "napping" and decided to eat some and smear it all over her face. It was kind of funny, but gross. She did break out a little on her face. There were no other negative side affects from it besides stained clothes.

Family, football, cookies and Christmas! What a great day!

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