Sunday, December 27, 2009

So This is Christmas

The chaos began on Christmas Eve. Gerry tried to take a few pics of the girls and I before we left for the evening. Maria was not feeling very well because of her busted lip, so she was more uncooperative than usual.

We headed over to my grandmas's house to celebrate. I was looking forward to this because Santa always makes an appearance and I couldn't wait to see Maria's reaction. She was standing in the middle of the room when he walked in the door ho, ho, ho-ing. I think she jumped three feet in the air. She was scared, but still seemed interested in him. She waited patiently as he handed out presents to all the other kids, and he finally called her name. Maria received a doctor's kit and Naomi got a play cell phone from Santa. Maria would not sit on his lap. Naomi, on the other hand, didn't mind at all.

We had a great time visiting with family that we usually don't see much of the rest of the year. Maria and Naomi received some very nice gifts - clothes from my dad and Anita, and they each got a baby doll and some clothes from my grandma. Maria also got a shopping cart from my grandma. After getting home around 10:00, Maria helped me put out milk and cookies for Santa and carrots and oats for the reindeer. Both kids were passed out while Gerry and I had some last minute wrapping to do.

As long as Naomi has been alive (which is 7 and a half months) there has never been a time when both of the girls slept past 7:00 in the morning...until Christmas! It killed Gerry and I to have to actually wake both of them up at 8:00 am. We turned the Christmas music up loud and opened their bed room doors. Maria ran right to the plate of cookies and guess what? Santa ate them all. Well, almost all...there was half a cookie left, but Maria gobbled it up. Then she wanted to check if the reindeer ate their carrots and oats. Most of it was eaten, but I guess she decided eating after the reindeer was gross....because she didn't touch the carrots!

The girls opened their presents...slowly...but we made it through. Maria enjoyed playing with Naomi's stuff more than her own! Santa brought Maria a Bilibo (giant, green bowl to use your imagination with), lots of clothes and pajamas, a Memory game, some puzzles and an Uno Moo game. Naomi got some soft taggie blocks, an O Ball, soft stacking rings, and clothes as well. Maria was excited to see that Santa brought Devon something as well...a new bed!

We went to Gerry's parent's house for brunch on Christmas Day. Then we opened presents there. Maria and Naomi made out like bandits! They got so many nice things including a drum set, a xylophone with other instruments, pajamas, books, push toys, a little doll house with animal figurines, etc, etc, etc! So many things...I can't even mention them all! They were very lucky to get so many nice things and we were very blessed to be able to spend the afternoon all together!

Later that day, we headed over to my mom's house for dinner! Once again...the girl's had a ton of stuff to open up! Some of their gifts included a mini-trampoline, a small bike for Maria, a jumping activity play area for Naomi, lots of clothes, books, a Kai Lan doll, a Yo Gabba Gabba boom many things I can't even mention them!

Wow! What a crazy, busy, fun holiday! Surviving Christmas with two small kiddos is not an easy chore, but we managed to do it! We are super blessed and thankful for everything we received and we are so lucky to have all our family in town so we can all be together! I think Naomi would agree that her first Christmas was a success, and it was even a little White.

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