Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Naomi is 7 months Old

December 8th was Naomi's 7 month birthday and what a difference a month makes! She is not quite sitting up or crawling yet but she has mastered the art of rolling herself around the room to get what she wants. When I put her down on her back in the living room and come back a few minutes later, she is 10 feet away from where I originally put her. She seems to be so close to crawling. I have seen her pushing off the floor with her forehead and her toes with her butt straight up in the air. If she could just figure out how to bring her arms up and use them to push herself up. She is so funny to watch these days.

I don't want to jinx it but she is sleeping better lately. Now that we have humidifiers in all the rooms (which are great sound barriers) we have let her fuss a little and go back to sleep on her own. Sometimes we have gone in to put her pacifier back in (which is something I said I would NEVER do) but it's better than giving her a bottle at 2 am. We are still swaddling her really tight when she goes to sleep and that seems to help as well.

The dietitian is coming back in 2 weeks to see if she's gained enough weight. She wants Naomi to gain 14 ounces a month, at least. So we'll see. Naomi is eating okay. We have good days and bad days. It's still hard to get 3 solid food meals a day in. Sometimes she just doesn't seem hungry and gets so angry when we try to feed her from a spoon.

Naomi loves to laugh and she loves her big sister, Maria. She is such a great little baby and I am looking forward to Christmas with her! Here are a few pics. I have decided to forgo the sign with her age on it because she just tears it up or tries to eat it (see last months pics). So from now on, I am just going to add text to the pics. It's easier than fighting to keep her from eating paper!

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