Thursday, December 2, 2010

Is Barbie really necessary at age 3?

So if you ask Maria what she really wants for Christmas, she will blurt out "Barbie- A Fashion Fairytale" so fast, you almost can't even understand her.  But that's all she says she wants.  Every time I ask her. 

Seriously?  I roll my eyes when she's not looking and try to convince my mom not to buy it for her.(who knows if she will listen to me or not)  I'm not even sure what it is that Maria wants.  Does she want the actual Barbie doll?  The Movie? or some other ridiculous and overpriced money making toy or gadget Mattel has concocted from this lame brained glittery disaster.  The geniuses who marketed this one did a great job.  She's 3.  She likes girly, glittery things and has recently become obsessed with anyone who has long hair.  The commercials on Nickelodeon are non stop and it has definitely caught Maria's attention. 

Gerry and I were doing some online shopping the other night and I was trying to explain to him why I didn't want to introduce her to Barbies this early. I was having a hard time verbalizing my opinion, but I think he understood. Yet he seemed to be ambivalent about getting her the doll.(either that or he was just exhausted)  So I thought maybe the DVD would be another option.  I decided to do some research and look at the reviews. This woman summed up my thoughts perfectly. I have to say that I haven't seen the DVD, but this is the very reason I was even hesitant in getting her the doll.

This review is from

Contrary to the title, this is NO fairytale, September 23, 2010

By Melanie Stepp Lane This review is from: Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale (DVD)

"Oh, to go back to the days when Barbie movies were full of imagination, creativity, princesses, dreams come true and REAL fairy tales. This is no fairytale. It's a pathetic excuse for a kid's movie that is trying to be hip and modern and introducing little girls to the world of twitter, Juicy Couture and boyfriend breakups. "A Fashion Fairytale" is anything but. The animation was lame, the dialogue was too filled with "hip" phrases and "teen terms" to be good, and the characters leave much to be desired. And the clothes are immodest, over-glitterized pink party outfits that no one in the real world would wear. The themes have more sexual content than a Barbie movie has ever had, and I'm truly sorry I bought this sorry excuse for a movie. Even older viewers and Barbie lovers can't enjoy it, because the bar has been set. Listen up, Mattel!

This movie is nothing but an encouragement to have the latest fashions, the top designs, the coolest new cell phones, the hottest boyfriends, and be uber popular at the same time. Please! Children don't need sexy models and lecherous dogs to look up to. Barbie used to stand for something more. Her standards used to be higher. Now she's too busy shopping for even MORE tight, low-cut, haute clothes. And while she's at it, she COULD use another micro miniskirt, couldn't she? The only decent outfit this chick wears is when she's filming for "the Princess and the Pea." And she gets fired from that!

I want to go back to the days when I saw a barbie movie and bought it knowing it was going to be wholesome, whimsical, sweet, and creative. They got it so right back then-this is madness."

I wanted to know what other moms thought about this issue.  I am not a prude or a feminist or a women's rights activist of any kind.  I know for a fact that Santa is bringing my girls a play kitchen set for Christmas...and I'm okay with that.  I know play kitchens and Barbie's really don't have anything to do with each other - but it's the whole idea of stereotypes, right? 

I know that I can't keep them in a bubble.  In general, our family watches a lot of TV and I know they will be exposed to stuff that isn't always appropriate.  What I can prevent is bringing it directly into our home.  Allowing them to play with it or watch the movie sends a direct message that I approve with everything Barbie stands for, at least in this movie.  And I don't approve. 

I want them to know that there are more important things in life than clothes and being popular.  Texting and boyfriends and low cut tops will come soon enough.  I don't want to rush that.

Does anyone agree?  Disagree? I'd love to hear your opinion.


Laura G said...

I haven't seen this advertised, thank goodness for Nick Jr. and no commercials! I agree with what you said, but just thank your lucky stars she isn't asking for Bratz dolls. Now those things make me mad!

Danifred said...

I've tried from day one to keep the licensed crap out of our house. I'm losing the battle. I do put my foot down on some things- no Spongebob (he's rude), no Bratz (they're sluts) and I've said no to other things because I don't feel like they are age appropriate. Just because it's marketed for our kids doesn't mean they should have them. That's my 2 cents :)

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