Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Precious Prayers

Maria has really gotten into praying before bed these days.  She always asks if Gerry and I can pray first and then it is her turn.  It is hard not to crack a smile or even laugh out loud at some of the things she prays for.  She is so serious and it just melts my heart. Here is a list of the things she's been praying for over the past few weeks:
  • Thank you God for our Bible stories
  • I pray that we can go to the beach
  • That I won't hit Naomi
  • Thanks for dinosaurs
  • Thanks for my nose and mouth
  • Aunt Laura's freckle because she had to go to the hospital (My sister in law broke her ankle, not her freckle.  Maria got confused.)
  • For my friend Grandma Birdie
  • Thanks for our food
  • Thanks for my nose and mouth, again
  • Thanks for my library card
  • Pray for my daddy to be polite
  • For my friend Chloe (FYI- Chloe is her friend that no one else can see...hilarious huh?)
I love that little girl!

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