Friday, December 10, 2010

'Tis The Season!

Last Saturday we kicked off our Christmas season by spending the morning eating breakfast with Santa at Maria's school.  We got there as soon as the doors opened because we didn't know what to expect, and we were trying to avoid the lines to see Santa.  Luckily, they gave each child a group number and called them up by groups...and we were in group 1.  (awesome!)

As you can see, I attmepted to get a few pics of the girls hoping I might snag one that would be "Christmas Card -worthy". No such luck.  Naomi just would not smile.  She looks so pitiful in all the pics, despite the holiday cheer surrounding her. 

We ate breakfast right away (donuts and bagels, chocolate milk and coffee) and then the BIG MAN arrived!  He came in ho ho ho-ing, jingling his bells and all the kids cheered.  It was cute.  Maria and Naomi were excited but were not really sure what to think.

Naomi giving Santa the wave.
 Santa...where are your white gloves?
 Naomi is just checking him out.
 While Maria was giving him the stink eye! (It must run in the family)

Then our group was called to go see him and we were actually second in line.  Maria has been very persistant in telling us that she will not sit on Santa's lap, but she will stand next to him for a picture.  When we got up there, she started chatting away about all the different things she wanted.  I snuck Naomi on his lap while they were talking and then we started taking pictures.  Neither of them tried to squirm away, but they didn't really look like they wanted to be there.  Naomi would not look at his face...she avoided making any eye contact at all.  But when we walked away, she was waving at smiling at him like they were BFFs.

After Santa, we visited the book fair and they each got to pick out a cool book and a pencil.  Then we walked around and played games and made a few ornaments.  Maria was excited to visit with a few of her friends and teachers and Naomi just wanted to run around.  It was a lot of fun and it beat standing in line at the mall!

The next day, we put up our Christmas tree.  Gerry assembled it and hung the lights while the girls were napping and we let them put the ornaments on when they woke up.  The bottom half of our tree is pretty bare since Naomi wants to take all the ornaments off and eat play with them.

Naomi thinks the ornaments look much better like this:

Monday morning, the girls woke up to find that St. Nick had left them some goodies in their stockings!  They each got some Christmas pajamas, a coloring book, some candy and a My Little Pony.  It was so much fun to see how excited they makes me even more excited for Christmas morning!

Still half asleep posing in front of their full stockings.

 Super Why coloring book!

Puppy coloring book!

 Naomi is thrilled to have gotten pajamas!  As you can see, she can't wait to try them on!

Maria is excited about hers, though!

 Maria is thinking "Oh man, all I got was this dumb chocolate Santa and some candy canes!"

"Aww sweet!  I did get a pony!"

I was finally able to capture our Christmas card picture and I got some other cute ones during the process.  Here are some more out takes! 

How old does Maria look in this picture!? I'll tell you - old! One day she just turned around and I thought she was 5!  I can't believe how fast she is growing up!

Things are getting really busy around here.  Here is a list of all the things we still have to do before Christmas.  Who knows if they will all get done or not?
-Address and mail the Christmas Cards
-Bake banana bread for the special people in our lives.
-Bake cookies (luckily my 2 BFFs are coming over next Friday to help me out with this)
-wrap all the presents
-buy presents for at least 6 more people
-clean my house (oh wait...that will NEVER get done)

 I'm sure there's more that I just can't think of...and I'm sure everyone is feeling the pressure this time of the year.  I really hope, at some point, I will be able to sit on the couch, with the love of my life and stare at the twinkling tree, while listening to Christmas music and sipping some wine!  That is what I want for Christmas!

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Danifred said...

I love the outtakes of Christmas pictures. Some of ours have been the best!

I think your "stinkeye" picture is fabulous :)

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