Monday, November 8, 2010

Naomi - 18 Months Already!

Our littlest girl is 18 months old today! She's officially 1 and a half.

Naomi is a funny little thing. She is mild mannered and very easy going. She loves anything that involves playing, running, swinging and laughing!

She loves to play on her own, but knows exactly how to get someone's attention by weasling her way onto their lap, or with a giant hug.

She loves to dress up -she will wear anything : hats, headbands, socks, dresses and butterfly wings. (she even likes to walk around with a wash rag on her head, although I don't have a picture of that.)

She loves to shout "I did it!"

Naomi is using a fork and spoon appropriately along with eating off a plate.  Most of the time, the plate stays on the table.

She loves to dip anything in ketchup and/or ranch dressing.

She tries everything on her plate and eats most foods.

Her verbal skills are pretty awesome.  She is talking like crazy; labeling objects, some colors, numbers and shapes.  She identifies animals and people. And she loves to sing happy birthday!

Naomi is a snuggle bunny and will sit on your lap forever. 

She loves her babies and pushes them around in the stroller, feeds them and rocks them to sleep.

She also loves her sister and wants to do everything she does.  They run together, hug each other and tickle each other.  One of her favorite times is when Maria gets off the school bus and they sit on the couch together - eating a snack and drinking their milk. They just look at each other and giggle, their mouths full of goldfish crackers.

Naomi is not a baby anymore.  She is a little toddler with her own likes and dislikes.  She has her own personality and definitely her own attitude. 

I can't believe in just 6 short months, we will be celebrating her 2nd birthday.  Time files...even faster the second time around! have been such a blessing to our lives.  You know just how to make us laugh by being silly.  We just can't imagine our family without you!

Happy 18 months, Naomi Hope!


Danifred said...

She sounds so much like my little Bean.
Happy 1 1/2 Birthday Naomi!

Rebecca said...

So many cute pictures...she's not shy about dressing up, huh? Love it!

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