Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

The evening started out with snacks...even these little goblins couldn't resist the candy corn/peanut snack mix!

Laura made these yummy cupcakes to celebrate the 2 birthdays

This little witch couldn't wait to cast her spells...

as my drink of choice was casting a spell over me!

Raise your hand if you think we look alike!
(the jury is still out)

Little Pumpkin boy was ready for some candy!!!

All of a sudden this cute little puppy showed up to party with us!

Then, the nice lion showed her where to go (out the door)!

The alarm has sounded and the kiddies were ready to go!

The gang of cousins!

My hot husband could not wait to wear this awesome costume I bought him! (It glowed in the dark!)

St. Francis stopped by for some candy!  He told the best jokes!

Olivia and her aunt!

The only family photo we got...I really had to do some work to it because it was so blurry.
It still looks kind of creepy..

I hope all of your little goblins and monsters had a Happy Halloween!

1 comment:

Danifred said...

That pumpkin ale looks delicious! And yes, I think you two look alike :)

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