Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Day Celebrations 2010

On Tuesday, the girls and I worked very hard on the centerpieces for our Thanksgiving dinner.  We made paper bag turkeys.  They turned out really cute and were a lot of fun (even though I still had to do a lot of the work...the teacher in me still must be reminded it's the process, not the product!!!))

Maria and Mr. Turkey!

Wednesday, Gerry and Maria were both off so we spent most of the day cleaning and getting ready for Thanksgiving.  We hosted Gerry's family this year and we had a lot of work to do.  I was also able to slip away to the chiropractor (more on that later) while the girls were taking a nap.  We decided to start a new family tradition... making tacos every Wednesday night before Thanksgiving.  Gerry and I joked about when the girls were older and home from college, they could bring their friends over and fill up on tacos before going out that night (since everyone knows it's the biggest party night of the year, right?) After the girls went to bed, Gerry and I had our own party.  We were up way past midnight making the mashed potatoes and homemade stuffing. (I even cut the bread cubes myself.) After a bottle of wine (or 2) we called it a night! The house still wasn't as clean as we wanted it to be, but at least the food was going to be good!

Thanksgiving day, our guests arrived around 10 am.  We had bagels and coffee and hung out for most of the morning.  We ate around 1:00 because everyone had other places to be later in the day. All of the food was awesome!  I must say the turkey (which we bought already cooked from Honeybaked Ham Store) was delicious, as well.

We had a really nice time watching the snow come down while we ate.  The kids played and ate lots of pickles and the adults were able to talk and hang out.  Everyone was gone by 3:30 and Gerry and I were able to relax the rest of the evening.

(Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take as many pictures due to my camera battery being dead.)

A picture of the place cards I made everyone...aren't they a riot?

Mr. Turkey

Friday we celebrated with my mom's side of the family at my Uncle Marc's house.  I tried another new recipe, Gourmet Sweet Potato Casserole, which was a big hit.  There was so much food there I can't even begin to name it all.  Maria and Naomi had fun entertaining everyone by singing, dancing and eating cheese puffs all night.  We had a great time, although it was fast and furious. 

Even Gryphon had a feast, thanks to Maria and Naomi!
 My mom, me and my Aunt Carol

 Hailey, Naomi and Maria playing on the steps

Big Bro and Lil Sis

This year, Thanksgiving seemed very long, but in a good way.  Gerry was off work from Wednesday until this morning when he had to go back.  Aside from the few times we left the house for a quick trip to the store, or me going to the chiropractor, we were together, with our girls, the entire time.  And I loved it!  I loved having Gerry home and for the most part, the girls got along and were in great moods! This year will go down in the books as one of the best Thanksgivings ever!

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Danifred said...

Those picture place cards are AWESOME!!!!!

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