Thursday, September 24, 2009

Surprise Trip to the Park

This past Tuesday night, Gerry called me from work and told me not to make dinner. He said he wanted to pick up dinner for all of us and then do something fun with the kids. I was very excited because I didn't have to cook and because we are usually so busy during the week that we rarely get time to do anything fun like this. So, Gerry came home with P'sgetti's. (yum) After we ate, we all loaded up into the van. Then, we went to a cute little park in Fenton that had a perfect sized playground for Maria. She loved it! The 3 slides were all small enough for her to go down, but big enough to make them fun! Gerry took her for a little walk on one of the trails that led to a nice little lake while I fed Naomi. It was a lot of fun...we really need to do that kind of stuff more often. Both of the girls slept really well that night ;)

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