Thursday, September 24, 2009

Maria and Naomi's Dedication

On Sunday, September 20th, 2009, Gerry and I dedicated our daughters before God and the church.

A Baby/Child Dedication is a ceremony in which believing parents make a commitment before the Lord to submit a child to God's will and to raise that child according to God's Word and God's ways. Christian parents who dedicate a child are making a promise to the Lord to do everything within their power to raise the child in a godly way, prayerfully until he or she can make a decision on his or her own to follow God. (

This was a very special event for both Maria and Naomi, as well as Gerry and I. We recently joined this church and we love it, so it was a great way to start off our membership- by making one of the most important commitments to God for our children.

Our part in the ceremony was very short, but to the point. Surprisingly, Maria and Naomi both did very well while we were up on the stage. We were also very lucky to have our family there. We really appreciate Karen, John, Bobb, Laura, Olivia, my mom, Galen, my dad, my grandma, Jeff, Kelly, Hailey and Gerry's mom showing their support and being there for us on this special day.

After the service, we invited everyone over for lunch. We ate ham, mostaccioli, garden salad, potato salad and banana bread. It was great! Maria and Naomi received some very nice gifts including some books, toys and clothes. They also each received a beautiful wooden personalized cross from their Uncle Bobb, Aunt Laura and Olivia.

We couldn't of asked for a better day!

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