Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Maria's First Day of School

Back in February, Gerry and I decided to take a look at some pre-schools that offered a one or two day a week program to give Maria something to do during the week. With Naomi on the way, we knew that Maria would need some time to get out and socialize with other people and kids. We found one that we absolutely loved and Maria had her first day there today! Leaving her with the speech therapy group on Wednesdays has totally helped prepare her for this day! She didn't hesitate one bit when walking in the classroom, nor did she care that I was leaving. I was a little sad and wondered won't she even miss me a little bit?? No, really, I am very proud of her independence and confidence.

When I picked Maria up, her teacher said she had a great day and was all smiles all day long. She gets a note sent home every day and today's read that she was "happy and had a great day"; they also wrote that she is "full of joy, participated in all the activities and especially loved the playground!" She also ate most of the food I packed in her brand new Kai-Lan lunch box. She was very sleepy by the time we got home and had no problem falling asleep for her nap! What an excited day. I hope she continues to do well every week! Here are a few pictures from her first day:

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Bobb, Laura, and Olivia G said...

We are so happy that the first day of school went well!!!! Maria is getting to be such a big girl!

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