Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend 2009

First I need to start by announcing my good news: I went to the dermatologist on Wednesday, 9/2 and everything looks good!!! Whoo hoo! We have had a very exciting week. Labor Day weekend was fun...and I was very excited to have Gerry home for 3 WHOLE DAYS! Friday night, my buddy Erin came over and we had fun eating burgers and drinking wine. Saturday, we were going to go to Grant's Farm, but the rain changed our plans. Instead we ventured out to the mall and to Target with both kids. They both needed new clothes for the fall/winter and Maria desperately needed new tennis shoes. We were lucky to find some cute things at The Children's Place and we got Maria's shoes at Journeys for Kids. The we decided to go to the Target in the city and we met John and Karen there. We hadn't seen them in a long time so it was nice to chat with them for a while. After church on Sunday, my mom came over to watch the girls so Gerry and I could stop by an old friend of mine's 30th birthday party. Natalie and I used to work at Kennelwood together a long, long time ago. Then she up and moved to Texas. We lost touch over the years, but we reconnected thanks to the magic of Facebook. Her family still lives here so she came in town for her b-day! It was great seeing her again after so long. Monday, Gerry and I spent the day cleaning and rearranging things. I FINALLY put all of my maternity clothes away and Gerry was able to move all the rubbermaid tubs back in to the basement. We moved them all out to the garage before construction started downstairs. Now Gerry can park in the garage again! Later that day, Jeff and Kelly came over and brought all the fixins for BLTs. It was great considering we had been working around the house all day and didn't really have any plans for dinner. Thanks, guys!

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