Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Week 38 Doctor new changes :(

Last Thursday I went to the doctor for week 38. Everything looked great including baby's heart rate. I actually lost 2 pounds, which I thought was interesting. And my doctor also said the baby is still laying in a funny position. Other than that, nothing else had changed. I wasn't dilated any further. Since I normally have my appointments on Thursdays, my doctor gave me the option to come in for week 39 since I am scheduled for the C-Section on Friday, which would be the very next day. We already had a busy week trying to get everything prepared for Maria and the new baby so I decided not to go.

Friday, my wonderful and loving husband hired a cleaning company to clean our house so I wouldn't have to do it. We were long overdue for a good, thourough cleaning anyway, plus we were having my 30th birthday party on Saturday. This couldn't have happened at a better time. They cleaned the bathrooms top to bottom, including toilets (which I hate), they mopped the kitchen floor, cleaned all the cabinets, stove top, kitchen sink and microwave. They also vaccuumed and dusted in every room. It was so nice to walk in to a house that smelled spic and span!

The basement remodel is progressing nicely. All the trim is finished and the doors are hung. The painter came today and primed. He will be back tomorrow to finish up and put the color on. I am very excited to see how it looks! Hopefully they are scheduled to work through the weekend and finish up so no workers have to be here when we come home with the baby.

In other news, back in March I had a dark freckle removed from my left shoulder. The pathology reports came back saying it was atypical. Over the past 2 weeks, the scar from where it was removed has been itching and I recently noticed that the freckle was coming back up through the scar. The dermatologist was able to get me in yesterday and he decided to do a punch biopsy on it. So he basically just removed the little dark mark, but went in a little deeper to get it all. Please pray that this comes back normal. I am worried but optimistic that everything will be okay.

So...Friday, May 8th, is the big day!!! The C-Section is scheduled for 9:30 am. We have to be there at 7:30. Maria will be staying with Gerry's parents for a few days and Bobb and Laura for a few days. Gerry and I have been running around all week trying to get everything ready. It's crazy and we are exhausted but we can't wait!

I am not posting any pictures today because we are having some issues with our lap top. Our other computer is very outdated and I am unable to post the little slideshows like I normally do. However, I do have some pictures of my 30th b-day party and the basemet progress so I will post those as soon as the other computer gets up and running. Otherwise, the next time I write...we will have a new baby and I will be able to tell you all about him/her!

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