Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Naomi Hope Giammanco is here!

IT'S A GIRL!!!! Naomi Hope Giammanco was born May 8th, 2009 at 11:01 am. She was 7 pounds, 7 ounces, 20 inches long. We are very excited to welcome her to the world.

We started the day off bright and early by arriving at the hospital around 7:30. Gerry took some final pictures of me and my big pregnant belly. When I delivered Maria by C-Section almost 2 years ago, I had been through a very long and arduous journey. Needless to say, I looked horrible. I was swollen and exhausted. So, since I was going to have a C-Section again, I decided that I was going to look hot on that operating table. After, the surgery, I don't know if hot was the appropriate word to describe me, but I know I don't look as horrible in the pictures this time!!!

The surgery was scheduled for 9:30, but got bumped back an hour. My mom and dad waited with Gerry and I in the triage room as the rain started pouring down. The nurses told us that almost every labor room was full and almost every post partum room was full as well. They said something about it being a full moon. Anyway, the time came for me to say goodbye to everyone and walk myself into the operating room. The anesthesia I received was similar to an epidural, but it was just one big shot. I was scared as heck to get this b/c they wouldn't let Gerry in the room for this part. The nurses and anesthesiologists were awesome, but it just wasn't the same as having my husband there.

Several minutes later, Gerry was able to come in. As soon as he got there, they started and within minutes, they pulled Naomi out. I vaguely remember hearing her squeak a little, but I saw her arms and legs moving around. They said she swallowed some fluid so they had to suction her out really good. This was also why she wasn't crying a lot right away. They had to put a little oxygen mask on her face. I was a little scared when I saw that. The nurses reassured me that she was fine, but just needed a little help getting things going.

After they finished sewing me up, they handed my baby girl to me and wheeled me in to the recovery room. I was so excited to be able to hold her right away. I wasn't shaking like I did with Maria. My mom and dad got to see her for a little bit then they left so we could have some family time. I nursed her almost immediately and we snuggled for about an hour. The nurse came in to get her cleaned up and she did everything right in front of Gerry and I. The was also something we were unable to see with Maria, so I was happy about that.

After a bath and a good swaddling, they handed her back to me and we headed to my post partum room. Jeff, Kelly and Hailey came up to see us, then Bobb, Laura and Olivia came by as well. We had a peaceful evening hanging out, just the 3 of us.

On Saturday, Gerry's parents called to tell us that Maria had a runny nose and little cough so we decided it would be best for her not to come to the hospital to see her baby sister. I was pretty bummed because they were supposed to bring her on Sunday, which was Mother's Day.

Many other visitors came by over the weekend: Galen, Marc and John, my Grandma Bettlach, Erin, Laurie, Connie, Gerry's parents, and my mom's friend Sarah.

I decided to come home one day early, on Monday because I missed Maria...a lot. Things have been really crazy since we got home. Gerry and I are low on sleep but doing well. Naomi had a little jaundice, but is recovering. Maria doesn't really pay much attention to her new sister. She has kissed her on the head a few times and touched her feet and hair. She also tried to give her some milk from her sippy cup.

To view Naomi's newborn pictures, go to www.stanthonysmedcenter.com and click on the Baby Love Photography link. Hopefully you will be able to see a list of baby names and you will find Naomi.

Here are a lot of pictures that we took from the first days of Naomi's life:

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Bobb and Laura G said...

So glad to see you have the pictures up, we have been waiting! She is so beautiful and we are so excited to have her as part of the family! Welcome Naomi!

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