Thursday, November 10, 2011

First 5K!

I'm tired of talking tonsillectomy!

Back in September, my best friend, Erin, and I ran our first 5K race.  We started training for it in June.  Running has been a huge part of the reason I have not been a very good blogger lately.  It takes a lot of planning and coordinating with Gerry and leaves little room for much else.  At the end of the day I needed to or blog? And this summer, running won.

Both of my sisters-in-law, Kelly and Laura, have been a huge inspiration to me.  They have been running for a long time time now and I have been saying for while that I really need to do that.  In June 2011, the rubber finally hit the road and I started.  I used the iPod app "Couch to 5K" to get me started.  I was pretty athletic in my younger years.  I was always playing a sport in high, softball.  But I've never run just to run.  I will admit it was hard to get going but having an awesome running partner helped a lot.

And on September 17th all our hard work paid off.  Erin and I ran the Alzheimer's Association 5K which was in downtown St. Louis.  The starting line (and finish line) was right outside Busch Stadium.

Our final time was something like 40:11, but then later found out that the course was mapped wrong.  Instead of running 3.1 miles, we ran more like 3.9 miles.  So we actually ran a 10.3 minute mile, which was pretty good for our first race. (We actually ran another one in October...will post on that soon!)

The girls and Erin at 5:30 am! Ready to go!

My wonderful, supportive husband and myself before the race!

Snuggled up in the wagon getting ready to watch the race.

Our cheering section! So cute!

Here we are on the home stretch!

Crossing the finish line!

Mission accomplished!


Laura G said...

It is still so crazy to me that they mapped the course wrong, how does that even happen? It doesn't seem like the longer distance slowed you down! Love the signs that Maria and Naomi were holding.

ekmcdonald1 said...

Yay!! Love this post and I'm ready for another 5k!! Get well soon!!!

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