Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Out into the World!

Sometime in the middle of August, our first baby got on a bus and went to school. read correctly.  We put our 3 year old on a bus. 

Maria had an opportunity to go to a great Pre-School, 4 days a week, that provided transportation. read that correctly.  I put my 3 year old on a bus and shipped her off to school 4 DAYS a week.

Do I feel bad about it? 

Heck no!  It was the greatest decision we could have made for her.

Of course I was nervous about the whole bus idea, but driving her myself in the middle of the afternoon wasn't feasible because of Naomi's naps.  The bus drivers called us ahead of time and I felt reassured that they would provide Maria with the safest care possible.  The bus actually pulls into our driveway and I buckle her into her seat, using a 5 point harness seat belt.  So, that makes me feel a lot better.

As far as the school is awesome!  I know Maria was getting bored being at home every day with me and Naomi, so this is just what she needed.  Routine, structure, and she is even able to get help with her sensory issues.  Her teacher's first degree was in horticulture, so she is big into gardening and planting.  They cook every week, they make their own play doh, they have a fish tank, they eat a snack every day and they have jobs.  They've already seen the inside of an ambulance and a fire truck.  This week they are going to a pumpkin patch. I know she is busy learning and exploring and I am so excited for her to have this opportunity. 

Since she is missing nap time (her school is from 1-4), she is exhausted in the evenings and she goes to bed right away.  She does catch up on her sleep on Fridays and on the weekends, though.  So, all in all, it was a great decision her dad and I made for her. 

She loves the bus and loves going to school every day! 

Here are some pics we took of her very first day!

First day excitement...Naomi looks thrilled, doesn't she?

Maria posing with her monogrammed back pack.

Getting off the bus after her first day!


Rebecca said...

I think you're brilliant for agreeing to this. I'm so happy for you that they have a bus service and that you feel comfortable with it. I wish our preschool had a 3-day program...the Crazies would be socked in that thing so fast, their heads would spin! Good for you for stepping outside the norm and doing what you feel is best!!!

Danifred said...

So happy to hear that she is loving it. I love preschool, really, really love it!

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