Monday, October 18, 2010

Fabulous Fall Fun

Maria's class took a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch last week and I was lucky enough to snag a babysitter for Naomi so I could go along.  I arrived there just as her bus was pulling in.  It was neat to see her getting off the bus and talking with her teache's and friends without her even knowing I was there.  She was so cute and seemed so old at that moment in time.  She was just laughing and socializing with her buddies and they were all so excited.

After a relaxing hayride through the acres and acres of vegetables and flowers, the kids were able to run and play in the mazes and on the playground. Then we all took a stroll through the inflatible spooky house...which Maria didn't really like that much. We all had a snack and Maria got to ride home with me. It was so much fun and I was thrilled to be able to be there, sharing the experience with Maria.

She found a pumpkin burried in the sand!

Maria and I on the hayride.

 "I think I'll take this one!"

She loves those slides!

Pumpkin Head!

Saturday morning, Maria had a soccer game.  Although her team lost, we were excited to have Bobb, Laura, Olivia, Dominic, Aunt Terri, cousin Rachel and Uncle John come to cheer us on.  Uncle Marc and John made the attempt to watch the game, but they brought Gryphon and didn't realize there were no dogs allowed at the field.  We wanted to say thanks anyway...we appreciate the effort! The game was fun and Maria did a much better job than the previous game. 

Saturday evening, I was supposed to have a girl's night out with Connie and Erin, but I decided to stay in.  Last week was pretty brutal considering Maria, Naomi and I were all sick.  To top it off, Gerry has been working crazy hours for the past 2 weeks so I just needed time to recover.  Gerry decided to make party pizzas for us for dinner, so after the kids went to bed we ate our yummy snacks and cuddled up with a movie!

Sunday we had our annual family trip to the pumpkin patch with Gerry's family, my friend Erin and Laura's family.  We headed out to Thies Farms for Pumpkin Land once again because last year was such a success. 

The kids had a blast playing in the hay, going through hay forts, sliding, zip lining, running and climbing!  We went on another hay ride, ate some lunch and fed and rode some horses.  Aside from the almost summer like weather, we all had a great time! 

These are the reasons I love this season so much!!! 

 Attempted Family Pic

Dominic was all smiles!

The girls running in the hay pit.
 Love those lashes!!!
 Sliding again!

 Let's race!

Naomi is never sitting still!

Spinning in the tire.
 Naomi and Erin

Maria crossing the rope bridge.

Maria and Erin
 Naomi and I on the hay ride!

 All three girls sitting nicely (but none looking at the camera!)

Yay for cousins!

 Maria riding on Ace

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