Monday, October 4, 2010

Our Summer in Pictures- Part 2

This summer was crazy and busy.  We went to baseball games, celebrated birthdays, hugged and kissed more goats, etc.  Unfortunately, most of my summer was clouded by some anger and frustration due to the blood clot I developed in my right arm, compliments of a radiology department at a certain hospital here in St. Louis, that shall remain nameless.

I spent a lot of time crying and being angry at the situation.  The side effects of the coumadin were starting to catch up to me. My hair was falling out, I started experiencing severe lower back pain, and my "monthly visitor" was HORRIBLE! (sorry, TMI, I know) Not to mention the WEEKLY trips to the lab for blood draws to determine the correct dosage of coumadin. 

Bottom line is...I am alive and well.  I am not at risk to develop any more blood clots and so I am thankful for that.  I only have 3 days left to be on blood thinners and I am going to celebrate!

Although I feel like I was in some sort of "funk" for that last 3 months, I still took pictures...and I'm glad I did!  I have enjoyed looking back at them because a part of me feels like I wasn't really there. Or that I was there...just not myself.  So seeing them brings back good memories and makes me smile!  I hope some of them make you smile, too!

Lovin' and Laughin' with Grandma Birdie!

Maria's Special Day at Build A Bear

 Her new friend, Jackie the cat!

And at Monkey Joe's

She's going so fast, she's blurry!

The girl's first Cardinal's Game

 Dairy Queen after the game...mmmm!

Looking pretty at 15 months!

Actually smiling at the camera for once!

Olivia's 2nd Birthday!

 Birthday Girl!

Frick and Frack

Devon love!

Me and my girls!

Playing on the deck

 Future WNBA star??

Sister Love

 Grant's Farm with Laurie and Kayla


 Just her size!

 Of course I let my kids hug and kiss the goats.  They're clean...right?

Come back soon!  Yes...there's a few more!


Danifred said...

Sorry about your summer funk, but so happy to see you back here! Looks like you had a fun and love filled summer. I think the ice cream pictures are my absolute favorites of both sets! Can't wait to see more.

Roni's Baloney said...

I had a summer funk too. Your health will do that too you. Glad you are well and BACK!!

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