Friday, October 8, 2010

Our Summer in Photos - Part 3 (Finally the last one!)

As our summer began winding down, we took a lot of trips to different parks, ate at a few new restaurants and every Saturday began with swimming lessons. This was particularly exciting for me because it was Maria's first session where I didn't have to be in the water with her! On the other hand, Naomi had her first lesson ever and Gerry got to experience the joy of swimming lessons with a 1 year old.  (note the sarcasm...) Not that I don't enjoy spending that time with my kids in the water, but after doing it with Maria for back to back sessions since she was 16 months old...I was getting a little sick of it. are some pics of Suson Park, Tower Grove Park with Uncle Marc and John, and swimming lessons!

 I love picutes of my kids in swings...can you tell?

She was falling asleep in the swing!

 This spinning thing was awesome!

 Just a little dizzy!

Swimming lessons!  (The lighting in here was terrible)

 Hailey got to watch, too!

 Omi is not as thrilled as her dad!

She's already mastered how to climb out!

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Danifred said...

That spinning thing looks awesome- I'd want to play on that!

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