Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Naomi is 11 Months Old!!!

Okay...seriously! This time I mean it when I say that time is moving by too quickly and my little sugar is growing up way too fast!  She turned 11 months on April 8th.  In one month she will be 1 year.  Soon, she will be walking running everywhere.  I am already getting sad thinking about all of her "baby-ness" that I will miss.

I know her top front teeth are going to come in any day so I find myself taking as many pictures of her as I can before they make their appearance.  Kids don't look like babies anymore once those top teeth come in.

Naomi is doing some funny things these days:

  • She dances all the time.  
  • She claps when she sees people on TV clapping.  
  • She's "cruising" around all the furniture and all the kitchen cabinets.
  • She does hand motions to silly songs (Itsy Bitsy Spider and Wheels on the Bus are 2 of her faves)
  • She points to things she knows she's not supposed to touch and shakes her finger and says "No, no!" (The TV remote, for example)
  • She LOVES a particular, life-like, baby doll, the kind that blinks.  She laughs like crazy when I tip the doll's head back and forth to make her blink fast.
  • She loves the baby doll's hands and examines them carefully for long periods of time.
  • She plays peek-a-boo with her covers when I cover her up at night.  I think she does it just so I stay in the room a little longer.
  • She waves to the monkey and the alligator in the painting that hangs on her wall.
  • She waves to the framed pictures of Maria and of herself hanging in our hallway - EVERY time we walk past them. (which is a lot)
  • She says hi to our dog "Hi Ded" (Our dog's name is Devon, so she's trying) This is so cute...I need to get a video of it.
Unfortunately, Naomi got sick for the first time with a goofy virus this month.  When she went to the doctor for that, she weighed 18 pounds 5 ounces.  We'll see next month how tall she is.  Speaking of weight gain, Naomi's dietitian came for the last time a few weeks ago.  Everyone is on the same page and feels confident that Naomi is eating well and is healthy and strong! She still refuses the bottle occasionally, but I don't worry about it that much anymore.  I stopped keeping a log of how many ounces she gets, as well.  It was hard the first few days, and I even still kept track in my head.  But now I have no idea how many ounces she's getting....and I'm okay with that.  I know she eats a ton in the high chair.  I think this container of formula I just opened will probably be the last one we buy for Naomi.  Organic whole milk is in her near future!

Just one short month from now I will be posting pics of Naomi's first birthday.  Preparations for the big event are in full swing.  Invitations have gone out and a birthday outfit has been purchased.  (Now I need to find something to wear!)

Now if only we can get that deck built.....

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Bobb, Laura, and Olivia G said...

I can't believe how big Naomi is getting already! Those pictures are so cute! Can't wait to celebrate her first birthday!

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