Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Eggs and an Enterovirus

Wow...I haven't posted in a while but we've had one sick little girl here.  Yes...Naomi spent her first Easter with a fever and feeling yucky!

Let me start with the bad part of the weekend:

I guess it started Thursday night.  She woke up around 10:00 pm crying and acting really weird.  I think she was half asleep, but she wasn't really moving her arms.  She wasn't making eye contact with Gerry or me.  I started to get really worried, but I couldn't tell if something was wrong or if she was out of it because she was so exhausted.  She finally snapped out of it after about 10 minutes and started crawling around.  She stopped crying and I felt comfortable enough to put her back to sleep.  She woke up one other time that night, but seemed to be fine in the morning.  Friday was a busy day for us.  We did a lot of running around and Naomi acted like she felt fine.

She woke up around 3:30 am with a fever of 100.3.  I gave her some Tylenol and tried to go back to sleep.  She was restless from 4:00 am until 6:30 am.  I called the exchange to try to figure out what to do.  We were expecting a house full of people (one of them being a toddler and one of them pregnant) around 10:00 am for brunch and I needed to know if I should cancel or not.  Of course, the doctor's office isn't open on Saturdays, especially on a holiday weekend.  She wasn't bad enough for me to take her to the ER, so I had no other choice but to take her to an Urgent Care Clinic.I would have bet a lot of money that she had an ear infection, but the doc said ears looked great.  "Probably just the tail end of a virus" he said.  I asked if I should cancel our brunch and he said no.

Tail end.  Yeah right.

Naomi spent the next few days running a high fever, then she would feel fine and act totally normal.  Night time was the worst.  (isn't it always?) She wouldn't sleep more than 45 minutes at a time. Easter morning, she fell asleep around 5 am and slept until 10:00 am.  No fever most of the day so we decided to take her to my brother's house for a little while.  Gerry drove separate in case she got fussy and wanted to come home.

Monday morning I took her to the doctor.  Again, I swore it was an ear infection that the Urgent Care doctor missed.  Naomi had been digging in her ears so that had to be it.  Nope.  Ears looked great.  The doctor told me it was an enterovirus.  She said there's one going around in infants where the main symptom has been a high fever.  She said it's typically lasting 5 days in the patients she has been seeing andwe're just going to have to ride it out.

Naomi has slept better the past 2 nights.  She's been taking really long naps and hasn't been eating very well.  Yesterday she was fever free without meds but developed a rash around her hairline, behind her ears, the back of her neck, her chest and her diaper area. I called the doctor yesterday and she said the rash kind of signifies the end of the virus.  (Thank God!)

Even though she doesn't have a fever, Naomi is still very crabby and clingy.  I'm really hoping this goes away soon.  I feel so terrible for her.

And now for the good part:

Aside from Naomi being sick, Gerry and I had an enjoyable weekend with our families and we got to spend some extra quality time with Maria since Naomi was sleeping so much.

Brunch with Gerry's family on Saturday turned out really well.  Maria and Naomi each got a goody bag from Bobb and Laura with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, candy, and fruit puffs.  They also each received a swimming suit, a book and a few fun egg games from their Pa Pa and Grandma G.

Maria was excited to find that the Easter bunny left her a basket full of fun things on Sunday morning.  He also hid our eggs outside, so after breakfast Maria had to go and find them!  We spent the rest of the morning doing sidewalk chalk and bubbles since it was so nice outside.

When Naomi finally woke up, she got to see what the Easter Bunny put in her basket!  Later that day, we got all dressed up and headed over to my brother's house for dinner.

Dinner was great and there were kids everywhere.  Maria was having a blast running around with everyone!  The girl's got so many nice gifts from so many people!  I couldn't even keep track of everything! The Easter Bunny even showed up for a little while to give all the kids a lolli pop!

Naomi did really well for a while, then Gerry took her home early.  She was starting to get really fussy.  Maria and I stayed and she played with Kelly's niece and nephew.  Th three of them just ran and ran and ran outside for along time.  Maria was wiped out when we got home!

Overall, the weekend was good, all things considered! We found out yesterday that our permit is ready for the deck and they should be starting in the next week or so.  Weather permitting, we may just get it finished before Naomi's party. (fingers crossed)

Stay tuned! Pics and video to come!

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