Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome to Adventures In Potty Training!

Welcome to my new blog series describing (in detail) the journey that's known as "Potty Training!" This wonderful milestone in our daughter's life is so consuming, I thought I would blog about it.

Let me start off the series by getting everyone caught up on the top 10 signs your child is ready to potty train. Using this handy-dandy check list, we'll see if Maria meets any/all of the criteria:

10)She's able to walk well on her own, and can pull down her own pants (elastic waistbands are good for this) and diaper.

Maria: Check!

9)She shows that she's aware of what's going on in her diaper-- either by saying something like "poo" or by looking uncomfortable when her diaper is full, or pausing in her playing.

Maria: Check! She'll even say, "I'm poopy. Change a diaper!"

8)She's interested in what you do in the bathroom, coming in to watch from time to time. She might help to flush, or wave "bye, bye" to the departing poop.

Maria: Check! Time to time is more like ALL THE TIME!

7)She's not completely caught up in needing to say "no" to everything you suggest (the automatic "no" stage is usually between about 18 and 30 months.)

Maria: Half check! She still says "No" but not for everything we suggest.

6)She has tried to sit on the potty, with her pants and diaper on, and doesn't seem to mind it. She feels "friendly" towards "her" potty.

Maria: Check! She has her own little chair and a Dora seat that goes on top of the regular toilet. She sits on them both voluntarily.

5)She understands when you ask, in a mildly interested way, "Do you need to use the potty?"

Maria: Check! She gets it. In fact, the other day we heard her say "I'll be right back. I need to go potty." And she headed towards the bathroom. We're still not sure who she was talking to, though.

4)She's fascinated by putting things into containers (blocks into the box, pouring sand or water in and out of a bucket.)

Maria: Check! Been doing this stuff for a while.

3)She feels proud when she can do something "all by myself."

Maria: Check!

2)Her diaper is dry and clean often for a couple of hours at least.

Maria: Half Check! Lately, she has been dry after nap time (which is usually 2-3 hours) and even stayed dry through the night. (once)

1)She's interested in "big girl underpants."

Maria: Check! She is very interested and asks to wear them, too. We have Dora, Minnie Mouse and polka dotted ones, too!

So as you can see by looking at the check list, she seems to be ready.

So what's the problem?

Here's what happens: I notice her diaper is dry. "Maria...You're dry. Do you want to go pee pee on the potty?"


We run to the bathroom. I try to take off her pants and diaper quickly...she screams! "I do it!" she says.

Wait 5 minutes for her to get everything off.

By this time, she's either already peed in her diaper or we get her on the potty and........


We wait....and wait....and wait!

I turn on the faucet so she hears runnung water.

We read books.

We sing songs.

We talk.

Still, nothing.

If she's been dry for several hours I know she must have to go - especially with the amount of milk this child drinks...

It is so frustrating. I just can't figure out how to explain to her to "go" on the potty. I have a feeling that if she just does it once, she might get the hang of it pretty quickly. (don't want to jinx myself, though.)

So, the other night Maria told me she had to go. I got her situated on the toilet and gave her some books to read. I stepped out for a minute to check on Naomi. When I came back, Maria was sitting there looking so innocent.

Just then, I looked down and realized that the toilet paper roll was empty. Empty? How could that be? I just put a new one on earlier that day. Oh no! Where's the toilet paper??? I don't see any on the floor....then it hit me! I pulled Maria off the toilet and this is what I saw:

Gerry's going to be pissed. How could this happen? I was literally out of the room for 60 seconds! I didn't even hear her do this! Little Turkey! I guess I learned my lesson!

Stay tuned for the next riveting edition of Adventures in Potty Training!!!!


Rebecca said...

This seriously scares me, but I guess I can't send them to college in diapers, right? That picture with the toilet paper...o.m.g!!! Can I ask how old she is?

Gerry, Cara, Maria & Naomi G. said...

It scares me, too! Maria is 2 and a half. I'm seriously not trying to push the whole potty training thing...I'm just fostering it. But according to the top 10 list, she seems ready! Who knows!

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