Friday, April 29, 2011


Have I ever mentioned that Maria has an imaginary friend?

She started talking about Chloe maybe 7 months ago. It's pretty funny to hear some of the stuff she says about Chloe.  The details will change from time to time.  We ask her about Chloe every once in a while, but mostly just listen when she tells us about her. I've compiled a list of details about Chloe because I think they are cute and I don't want to ever forget this phase in Maria's life! Keep in mind that the majority of the things she's told us about her are unprompted.  The details just kind of come out the blue.  That's what makes them so funny.

Chloe's last name is Grillford.
She is 6.
She has a brother named Sonja  (pronounced SAHN-ya)
Chloe has brown skin, long dark hair and blue eyes.
Sometimes she wears glasses, like Maria.
Once time Chloe kicked Maria in the face.
When Chloe isn't at our house, she stays with her grandma. 
Chloe goes to the same school as Maria but she rides a different bus, and she is in a different class.
Sometimes Chloe is small enough to fit in Maria's pocket, but most times she is the same size as Maria.
Chloe used to have a brother named Boy Boy, but not any more.

We rarely notice Maria "pretend playing" with Chloe, but Maria talks about her as if she exists.  If we are talking to her about a new concept, or a situation she doesn't understand, she will interrupt as by saying "You know what Chloe did? She......" and it usually has to do with the concept we are explaining to her.

She uses Chloe in situations where we talk about unacceptable behavior too.  For example, if we are talking about hitting or pushing at school, Maria will say "You know what Chloe did? She hit Vanessa and made her cry." Sometimes I wonder if Maria uses Chloe in place of herself to describe something that happened at school. Hmmmm. It's interesting.

Anyway, we love that Maria's creativity helps her think about things and process information.  We love that she uses "Chloe" to understand situations better.  This is such a cute, funny stage in her life and I can't wait to hear what Chloe does next. 


Jenner said...

That is awesome. I had an imaginary lion named Borden when I was little. I'd talk to him in the elementary school bathroom.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I love this...

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