Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bye Bye, Button!

This weekend we said bye bye to Naomi's button. (aka-her pacifier) For those of you wondering, we started calling it a button when Maria was a baby.  My husband didn't like the names binky or paci and we had gotten a pacifier as a gift that had the word "button" on the package, so it just stuck.

Naomi was only taking her button at nap time and bedtime and I really didn't think it was that big of a deal.  She's not even 2 yet and it was her only security..the only thing she'd ever been attached to.  Not the bottle, not a blankie, sippy cup, or stuffed animal.  When the lights went out, that's what she took comfort in.  So it made me sad to make her give it up. 

However, we took the kids to the dentist about a month ago and the dentist had said the pacifier was not only causing her front teeth to stick out (which I had nocticed along time ago) but it was starting to affect the way the bones in her mouth grew (specifically her hard pallate). But she said Naomi was young enough that if we got rid of her pacifier soon, the problem would correct itself.  She also gave us this great idea on how to get rid of the pacifier. 

So last weekend we went out to dinner and headed up to Build-A-Bear Workshop to celebrate the end of an era.  My brother, Kelly and Hailey joined us for the festivities. 

All dressed up for the big night out!

 The idea was to pick out a special stuffed animal and put the button in the back of it, along with the heart and the stuffing, then sew it up tight. This way, she will still have her button with her, just not in her mouth. (we realized this could go one of 2 ways....but we were willing to try and kept a back up button just in case)

For fun and moral support, Maria got to pick an animal and put a button in hers as well, even though she doesn't use a button.

Naomi took her time picking out the perfect friend. She hugged all of them until she found the one that was just right: (with the help of her big cousin, Hailey) a brown bunny with sparkly pink ears and feet.

 Not the tan bunny....

 Nope...not the panda, either!

 Hmm...let me try this brown dog. Nope.

 Ahhh yes!  This brown bunny is just right!

 One last time with the buttons!

She waited in line patientily to stuff her bunny. She rubbed the heart on her head so the bunny would be smart, on her belly so she would be a good eater, on her legs so she would run fast and her nose so she would be a little bit nosy. Thhen she gave the heart a kiss and made a wish and stuck it in. She gave her button a kiss and put it in as well. She also got to add a second heart, just for good luck.

 See ya later button! I'm a big girl, now!

 Maria put a button in hers just for fun!

The lady sewed her bunny up tight and Naomi got to give her a bath and pick out some clothes. She decided on pajamas and slippers.

Maria chose a pink bunny with yellow flowers and picked out a princess dress for her.  She named her Mrs. Flowers.

Naomi also liked the car, but we told her the bunny wasn't old enough to drive yet.

On the way out of the mall, Naomi insisted on carrying her bunny, which she named Jelly Buttons. The box was almost as big as she is. She didn't want any help carrying it around. She drug it all the way through the store until we got outside! Miss Independence!

***Button Update: Naomi slept sans button that first night and we haven't looked back since.  The first night was a little rough.  It was so sad to hear her ask for it in her cute, sweet little voice.  "I need button," she would say.  (((TEAR))) But we just kept telling her she was a big girl now and she was doing a great job. The she would say "But I like it." Heartbreaking. 
We have noticed that it takes her a little longer to actually fall asleep.  She asks to be held or rocked a few times once the lights are out.  But she has also actually been sleeping through the night.  When she still took the button, she would wake up 2-3 times a night and one of us would run in, stick it back in her mouth and pray she wouldn't wake up again.  So although it's a struggle, it's a small price to pay for a full night's sleep.***


Danifred said...

This is such a great idea. We MUST get rid of the binks in our house. It is out of control!

Jenner said...

What a terrific idea! Sooo sweet. I must go to Build a Bear with my peapod. You are the second blogger mommy to mention it this week!

Laura G said...

Now if only that would work for Olivia's fingers.......

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Jelly Buttons is the cutest thing I have ever heard!!!!! We thought it was going to be a nightmare, but it wasn't really as hard as I thought. I love your idea though...we gave ours away to a baby cousin who had just been born...

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