Monday, October 12, 2009

Naomi is 5 Months Old

On October, 8th, Naomi turned 5 months old! WOW! Where does the time go??? Naomi is growing and changing so much everyday! She has started eating applesauce and peas. And she just recently started rolling over from her stomach to her back! She is holding her head up much better now. Since Maria is sleeping her big girl bed, we got Naomi out of the swing and she is sleeping in her crib now. Most nights, she sleeps all the way through. Sometimes she wakes up for a bottle, but usually goes right back to sleep. She weighs a whopping 14 pounds, 10 ounces! She is interacting more with Maria. She always wants to see where Maria is and what she's doing. Maria was showing her how to crawl the other day, but I think we have some time before that happens!

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