Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our Talkin' Toddler!

Some of you may know that earlier this year Gerry and I had been having some concerns with Maria's language development. We were worried that she wasn't talking as much as she should be at her age. We worked with her and tried to help her as much as we could but still felt as though she needed some outside help. So, we had her evaluated and she qualified for speech therapy. She has been going to a group called "Motor Mouths" every Wednesday for the past 6 weeks. We feel as though she has improved immensely! The group she attends has 5 other children in it. It is 3 hours long and they do so many neat things with the kids! Maria loves it...we tell her that she's going to school! She comes home with art projects and they give us a list of everything the kids do that day. Two weeks ago, they even went swimming. Everything they do revolves around language and oral motor development. Here is a little sample video of some of the new words she can say. In the past, whenever we would ask her to identify something or someone, her standard answer would be "dee-da." In the video clip you can still hear her say it sometimes, but then she says the correct word. We are so proud of her that we just had to show it off! Enjoy!

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