Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend

This weekend was a lot of fun! Gerry was off on Friday so we were able to celebrate Thursday night at my mom's house. Jeff, Kelly, Hailey, mom, Galen, Uncle Marc and John were all there. Uncle Marc bought the kids an inflatable pool so we thought this would a great time to break it out. Maria and Hailey splashed around and then ran through the sprinkler. The food was awesome. My mom bar-b-qued chicken, pork and beef kabobs. We tried to get some good pics of the kids splashing, but Maria is near impossible to get a good picture of. She refuses to look at the camera. My brother was able to get a few good ones of the girls. When he emails them to me, I will add them to the slideshow.

On Friday, Gerry's sister Karen had her first bar-b-q at her and John's new home. Bobb, Laura, Olivia, Grandma and Grandpa G. were all there as well. Karen and John's house is so cute! We are excited for them! I wasn't able to get any pics, but Laura is going to email me some as well.

Saturday, Gerry and I decided to take it easy and stay home. We always have so much going on that we needed a break. At one point during the day, we were looking for Maria. We found her sitting in her room reading to Nemo. It was so sweet we had to take a picture!

Check back in a few days. I hopefully will have some more pics on here from this fun weekend!

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