Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Recap - Part 1

The summer has been very busy and with Maria home everyday not napping, it has been a little more difficult to update on a regular basis.  Even on the days both the girls napped, I just felt like vegging out and reading or watching TV.  I've been been pretty exhausted lately with my new hobby (more on that later), and with out recent membership to Netflix, I have found a new guilty pleasure - the show Brothers & Sisters.  I know it was cancelled after the 5th season, which just ended in May, and I'm sad about that.  However, I'm right in the middle of season 3 and determined to finish the series.  Then I guess I will let Gerry cancel Netflix because it hasn't been as fantastic as we thought it would be.  Actually, it was a big disappointment, besides Brothers & Sisters.
Anyway, here is our summer, mostly in pictures. Here is all the stuff I wanted to blog about but just couldn't find the time.  Hopefully, now that Maria is back in school, I will get a little more time to myself and more time to update.

 Spent a day at the pool with Uncle Jeff & Aunt Kelly

 Took Naomi to her first movie - Cars 2. 

At the end of June, Gerry took some vacation time from work and we spent the whole week doing fun stuff around St. Louis.  We were lucky enough to have our niece Hailey join us.  On Monday, we spent the day at the Magic House.

 Alice, Naomi, Maria & Cheshire Cat

 Climbing down the beanstalk.

 Hailey & Naomi working construction.

 Maria built this wall all by herself!

 Judge Hailey Lynn presiding.

 Someone needs to explain to the new mom what a bulb syringe is really for...

 Here we almost had a lesson in anatomy...luckily she just put the diaper back on without asking questions.

 Oh it's so hard being a new mom!!!

 Static Ball!!!

 Love these girls ~ Love this family!!!

More to come!!!

Stay tuned!


Sarah said...

I am STILL laughing about the anatomy on the baby doll. Why can't they just make them like Ken dolls? Nothing but a bump under plastic underwear! LOL! I LOVE all the pics! Maria's expressions are priceless. You guys got some great static going on too! Natalie wouldn't shake her head to get the hair flying, as she was a bit nervous.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

That Magic place looks awesome.

I always love a good static ball though.

So much fun!

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