Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pool fun, School Picnic and Birdie's Birthday!

This summer is going by so quickly! We have been doing a lot of fun things with the girls, including lots of swimming! And YES to all those wondering ...I am venturing outside in the sun these days.  We've invested in some expensive swimming suits and are going through boat loads of sunscreen...but the point is we're having fun!

We have a little inftatable pool that the girls have been splashing in! I put it ou on the deck, and by 2:30-3:00, it's mostly shaded.  The girls don't like the freezing water, but it's better than staying inside!.

We also took the girls to our niece Hailey's school picnic to introduce them to carnival rides! First the girls rode on the little cars that go around in a cirlce.  That was fun for them.  Then we did the spinning apple ride and they just laughed through the whole thing.  Maria rode the scrambler with Aunt Kelly and Hailey! She sat in the middle and from the looks of it, she was having a blast.  Then we decided to go on the ferris wheel.  Again, Maria rode with Kelly and Hailey and I took Naomi by myself.  WOW! Did I feel old....and SCARED.  I used to love those things when I was a kid, but being up there with my 2 year old daughter, knowing that my other daughter was riding it as well almost sent me into a panic attack.  I had my arm around Naomi and was gripping her so tight she was trying to push my hand away.  But the little squirt only weighs 23 pounds...I didn't want her to float away!!! Seriously though...I was scared.  Once the ride started actually moving, I felt better and Naom,i loved it.  She didn't want to get off. 

We also rode the big slide as a family.  That was pretty fun too.  The weather was beautiful for a school picnic and the girls had so much fun! Can't wait to go next year.

On June 19th, we celebrated my mom's birthday.  Jeff and Kelly bar-b-qued pork steaks, corn on the cob, and we had salad and guacamole dip.  I am obsessed with guacamole lately.  I just can't get enough of it!  The girls decorated coffee mugs for my  mom and were excited because they know she drinks coffee in the morning! We danced and sang and played with balloons! It was a fun afternoon! Happy Birthday Grandma Birdie! Hope you enjoyed it!!!

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dickinsonfamily said...

I love the picture of you all in the apple! So cute!
...and I would have had a death grip on Naomi in the ferris wheel as well. No doubt about it!
Glad you're getting outside, we go through lots of sunscreen here too! It's a pain, but so worth it! :)

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