Monday, June 20, 2011

Maria's Pre-School Presentation

Sometime in the middle of May, Maria's school put on an end of the year performance.  My mom was awesome enough to leave work early that day so she could see Maria in action, but we didn't tell Maria her Grandma Birdie was going to be there.  Gerry also took a half day to come watch her as well.

Waiting for the show to begin!

Maria's class walking in.

I was able to capture Maria's face as soon as she discovered my mom in the audience.

Maria's class sang "My Dog."  Earlier that month, they were asked to bring in a picture of themselves with their dog and the teachers put together a slideshow to go with the song.  It was super cute.

About half way through the performance, Maria realized there were pictures going on behind her so she finished out her song like this:

It was pretty funny!

After all of the performances, we were invited to go back to Maria's classroom for a snack and visit with her and her friends and teachers.

We were also able to see all of the artwork they had hanging around the room.  Here are a few of Maria's:

Maria was so proud to show us around and thought it was very cool that her daddy and grandma could be there too! What a great job by all the kids and teachers! What a great end to the school year!

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Laura G said...

Love the picture of Maria turned around looking at the screen with the pictures. That is priceless.

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