Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Naomi is 12 Months Old!!!

Naomi turned 12 months on May 8th.  (that's 1 year, for those who are counting!)

This year has flown by, yet it seems as though Naomi has been a part of our lives forever.  Her smile lights up the room.  Everyone who meets her notices her sweetness almost immediately.  She is gentle and loving and already has a great sense of humor.  She loves her daddy and crawls as fast as she can towards the door when she hears the garage door open. She bounces up and down and shakes her arms in anticipation until he walks in and picks her up. It is such a sweet sight and I am blessed to be able to see it everyday!

She is not walking yet, but she's getting very brave these days.  She lets go of the couch for about 30 seconds while standing.  Then realizes what she's doing and sits back down.  Her two top teeth have finally poked through, which makes me happy and sad at the same time.  She's growing up so fast.  Like every mom, I want her to grow and develop, but I also want her to stay little.

She is saying a lot of words these days:
She identifies and says "duck" followed by a "quack, quack"
She also says milk, dink (for drink), bye bye, bot (for bottle), are-oo (for where are you?)

She can identify a lion, monkey, sheep, dog and ball from a book.
She also started drinking whole milk.  She's not too fond of it in a sippy cup so we're very slowly switching it over in her bottle.  She's been sleeping wonderfully at night, which is awesome!  Her 1 year check up is Friday so I'll update this post when I get her stats!

****Update: At her 1 year check up, Naomi weighed 19 lbs, 1oz.  She was 29 inches long.  She remains in the 15th percentile for weights and 75th percentile for height!  Tall and her daddy!****

Here are some pics of my sweet little Omi!

Betcha can't do this!!!

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Rebecca said...

That last one reminds me of one of my Pilates exercises!! Yikes!

Happy Birthday...enjoy every minute!

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