Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We're officially sitting up...and 2 teeth!!!

Wow! We've had a busy week! Naomi started sitting up! She can't get there on her own, yet, but she will stay if we put her on her bottom. She's learning to brace herself if she falls to the side, but hasn't figured out how to keep from falling backwards!

In other big news: Naomi has 2 teeth! Both of her front bottom ones are in. It's funny to see them both because Maria's came in one at a time. My brother and Kelly started a tradition when Hailey got her first two teeth...they named them. It was kind of a joke, but it was cute. Hailey's teeth were called "Spike" and "Tim-Tim." So, when Maria got hers in, we named them "Horatio and Ben Hur". Naomi's teeth????
"Napoleon and Aristotle". Gerry named them...I had nothing to do with it. Thank goodness it's only a tradition to name their first two. :)


In other news:

At my dermatology appointment last week, I had to have another suspicious looking spot removed from my back. The doctor said he wasn't worried, by the looks of it, but he wanted to be sure. He did a punch biopsy, which means they numbed it a little and punched a little cylinder right through the center of it. So instead of removing the whole thing, they just took a sample. I got the results back yesterday with good news: it was benign! Awesome! I love that word! It's not pre-cancerous, it's not's benign! Which means nothing to worry about! Praise God!


Yesterday, Naomi rolled herself over to the air vent (while it was running). Her expression and her hair were priceless so I had to take some pics! Check it out!

I also posted some pics of her sitting up and one of her teeth...look closely - she's not very happy about this one. Maria also wanted me to take a picture of her and her scrambled eggs, so enjoy!

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Bobb, Laura, and Olivia G said...

Olivia says "Yea for Nomi sitting up!" And two teeth, what a big girl!

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