Sunday, January 10, 2010

Naomi is 8 Months Old!!!

Eight months have flown by so fast! I can't believe everything our little baby girl is doing since last month. Here is a list of her big accomplishments:

- Sitting up on her own
- Rolling all over the place...and she's fast, too!
- Eating foods that we didn't let Maria touch until she was WAY older than 8 months.
- She's clapping when we tell her to, or when we say "YAYYYY"
- Drinking from a sippy cup like a pro
- Her two bottom teeth are all the way in
- Sleeping on her side and her stomach (yes...this is a big accomplishment for her and us!)

If you are wondering if she is sleeping through the night, the answer is KIND OF. She is taking more formula during the day which is causing her not to be as hungry in the middle of the night. She still wakes up sometimes, but if it's before 5 am, we usually just run in and stick her pacifier back in her mouth. If it's after 5 am, Gerry usually gets up and feeds her a bottle, then she has been going back to sleep until 7-ish. Those days are nice because then I get to sleep in a little bit!

As far as the food she's been eating...she gets a taste of almost everything we are eating for dinner (unless it's like White Castle's, or something) She loves mashed avocado, banana, noodles, mashed green beans, peas, baked potato, mac n cheese, mostaccioli, ravioli, bread, toast, chicken, carrots, rice, mandarin oranges, peaches, pears...the list goes on and on! She's even had graham crackers. Yes, I know. Hard to believe I would let her munch on one of those...Believe me...I was sweating the entire time!!!

She is doing an amazing job picking up her food and getting it into her mouth. It's so fun to watch her! She is also interacting with Maria a lot. Maria will get down on the floor and roll around with her. They are silly girls!

Some might say she is days away from crawling, but I think she is happy just rolling around everywhere! No matter what means of transportation she's using, she definitely knows how to get somewhere!

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