Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Other Random Thoughts

Since the last time I wrote in the beginning of March, a lot has happened. For those of you who don't know most pregnant women are required to get a glucose tolerance test done around the 28-30th week of pregnancy. This test is to determine whether or not the mother has developed gestational diabetes. When I had this test done the last time I was pregnant, my glucose levels were high and I had to go back and take the three hour test. Fortunately, with this pregnancy, I passed it the first time! Yeah!

We have been working hard on getting Maria's new room ready. Karen's boyfriend John came by one day and helped Gerry finish the painting. I've posted a few pictures of the walls. They are pink and white...nothing too crazy! That same day, John was also kind enough to paint our bathroom for us as well. He is awesome! Hopefully Maria's furniture will be here soon so it will all come together. The new double stroller arrived the other day. We haven't taken it out of the box yet, but it looks huge! I also posted some pictures of Maria going down her slide. This is one of her new favorite things to do, except when she falls off of it. She also enjoys climbing UP the slide, although we are trying to discourage her from doing this. It's so funny to see her in shorts! We haven't seen those little white legs all winter long!

Yesterday, March 16th, marked the official 2 months away from my due date. I am 31 weeks along and I am getting HUGE! I am really excited about this baby! As I mentioned earlier, there is still so much to do. I am starting to get stressed out. I need to wash all the baby clothes and get them ready. We still need to purchase a few items from the store such as bottles, pacifiers, a baby book, and we need to sign up to rent the breast pump. And the most stressful thing of all: deciding on a baby name!!! Gerry and I can't agree on anything this time. I think it's a lot harder this time around!

Finally, not to put a damper on things, I wanted to give an update about my most recent visit to the dermatologist. As most of you know, I received a skin cancer (melanoma) diagnosis last May. Since then, I have been seeing my dermatologist and my oncologist (the cancer specialist) every 3 months. This past Thursday I had a very dark freckle removed from my left shoulder. The pathology results were not terrible, but they were not great either. I am not exactly sure how to feel. They said there were abnormal skin cells detected, but they believe everything abnormal was removed so there's nothing else I need to do. However, I am just feeling uneasy about it. When I asked what "abnormal" means, they simply said the cells had the potential to become cancerous. But doesn't everything on your body have the 'potential' to become cancerous??? Don't get me wrong, I have been thanking and praising God all morning long that it wasn't cancer. I am so thankful for that. But it's a simple reminder that I will never be able to forget about this. I will always have to be cautious and aware of any changes to my body. I don't like that feeling. I wish I didn't have to be worried about it. But I am...constanly. And I worry for Maria and this other baby too! Sometimes it feels so paralyzing to not just be able to take Maria outside and play whenever. I am always afraid of the sun. And I am lazy b/c I don't always feel like lathering both of us up in sunscreen so I just stay inside. I feel sad. Again, I am thankful that, for now, I am cancer free. I will continue to be watchful and hopefully stay that way!

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Anonymous said...

Nice pink for Maria's room....Loved the "action photo" of Maria going down the slide. This is the first chance I've had to re-look at the blog...doing a good job!

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